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Famous Birthdays
20 September 1934
Sophia Loren, Rome (Desire Under the Elms, Black Orchid)

20 September 1920
Alexander Thereat

20 September 1833
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Italian journalist (Nobel Peace Prize 1907)

20 September 1924
James Galanos

20 September 0086
Antoninus Pius, Roman Emperor

A Day in History
20 September 1961
Roger Maris hits home run # 59 & barely misses # 60 in game 154 of the season Yanks clinch pennant #26

20 September 1951
1st North Pole jet crossing

20 September 1961
After 84 1/3 innings Bill Fischer gives up a base on balls

20 September 1970
Luna 16 lands on Moon's Mare Fecunditatis drills core sample

20 September 1945
German rocket engineers begin work in US

Fact of the Moment
'Zorro' means 'fox' in Spanish.

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Quote of the Moment
by Zuboff, Shoshana
Technological change defines the horizon of our material world as it shapes the limiting conditions of what is possible and what is barely imaginable. It erodes ... assumptions about the nature of our reality, the “pattern” in which we dwell, and lays open new choices.